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New Summer Workshops

Call (630) 733-9108 ext 1 or email if you need any assistance in registering!

Note: Check below to see the clinician leading the workshop you are interested in, as you will need that information to book as a new or existing client.

Payments for workshops are non-refundable upon registration & confirmation with our intake team

Girls Empowerment Group.png

Girls Empowerment Workshop
Led by: Holly Loving, M. Coun.
Held at: Oswego Location & Goat Cuddle Session on June 13th is held at Blue Sky Farms

Grieving with Grace Workshop

Led by: Cassie Gerr, LSW & Ana Ruiz, MA
Held at: Oswego Location

Parenting and Couple Workshops

Led by: Elizabeth Godinho, LSW
Held at: Oswego Location

Creative Healing Workshop for Helping & Healing Professionals

Led by: Carla DePalma, LPC, ATR
Held at: Oswego Location

Somatic Experiencing Workshop (Instagram Post (Square)) (6).png

NICU Self-Care & Support Workshop

Led by: Laura Leddy, LCPC, PMH-C
Held: Online (Virtual)

Somatic Healing Workshop

Led by: Viviana Arenas, LPC
Held at: Oswego Location

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