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Relationship Concerns

Being in a relationship is hard. In a busy life it can be hard to connect and effectively communicate. Sometimes even when we feel like we should be feeling the happiest we've ever been - we've just had a baby, or we just got engaged - we can be disappointed to find that we're actually fighting more or feeling less connected with our partner. 

Relationships don't exist in a bubble either. Countless studies have shown that when our relationships aren't working, our mental health suffers. Similarly, when parents are struggling to work together and communicate, we have often seen that children show signs of distress such as behavioral outbursts or mood disorders. It truly does take a village to raise a family and we all rely on one another to survive daily stressors. 

Couples counseling can be a crucial component of finding healing for individuals, marriages and families. 

Our therapists take systemic approach - meaning we recognize the significance of culture, family of origin, society, and interdependence. We also use evidence based treatments such as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Gottman Methods of Couples Counseling to improve relationships. 

Many of our therapists are also trained facilitators in the world renown Prepare/Enrich program, which has helped more than 4 million couples accross the world strengthen their relationship. This program is extremely effective in preparing couples for marriage.

Set up an appointment today to begin communicating more effectively and connecting more fully to your partner.

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