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Family Conflict 

There's a saying... "people go to therapy to talk about people in their life that don't go to therapy."


Sometimes we attempt to resolve conflict in our relationships without talking directly to the people that are in that relationship. We often invite our clients to consider engaging in family therapy with their loved ones if the primary topic has to do with resolving conflict or improving communication with these family members. Family Therapy is appropriate when the members of the concern are all willing to engage in therapeutic resolution and able to be present for a session (we can even meet virtually!). At Graceful Therapy, we take a family systems approach to all clients, meaning that even if an individual client is the only one in the room, we're considering the family dynamic, the culture, and relationships that they go home to each day. 

Our clinicians recognize individual change is not always possible or is enhanced by the inclusion of the family.  Conflict with those closest to us, with the people we need and want to trust, often disrupts functioning and our sense of self.  Family therapy sessions focus on the family as a unit by  setting goals together and honoring individual needs within the whole family. 

Common areas of focus for treating family conflict include divorce, blended families, communication struggles between teens and parents, and assisting guardians supporting a child’s journey improving emotion regulation. 

Clinicians at Graceful Therapy utilize techniques such as Structural Family Therapy, Gottman Relationship tools, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. If you think your family could benefit from improved communication or learn how to resolve conflict, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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