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Playing with Play Dough

Children & Adolescents

One of the hardest things to go through as a parent is the feeling that you don’t know how to help your child.  We strive to be a safe emotional space for children and adolescents and to meet their unique needs. Whether your child or teen is resistant to simply sitting and talking, pushing limits in every setting, or afraid to speak about their experiences out loud, we are here to help.  


Seeking help and determining a diagnosis can be extremely powerful to help shift your child’s reality from “something is wrong with me” to “this explains why I feel this way”.  We offer traditional therapy as well as play therapy, sand tray, art therapy, and equine therapy.  These modalities are effective when trying to connect and engage youth, particularly those new to therapy or who have been in many types of treatment and are burnt out telling their story.  We want to help your child (and often the entire family unit) understand why they are feeling, behaving, or coping in the ways they are so unhealthy patterns can shift to healthier ones.


Sand tray, play and art therapy involve creativity and activating parts of your brain to allow processing of feelings and events without needing to retrieve or share words.  These interventions are not only typically more fun for children than talking, but they help to rewire negative associations the brain has connected to difficult memories.  Equine therapy is available April through December and offers your child the opportunity to connect with animals with very high emotional intelligence in order to better understand the way they cope, move and communicate in their everyday life.  


If you are interested in learning more about therapy services available to your child or adolescent, contact us today.

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