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5 Tips for De-Stressing After a Busy Day

By Ashley Miller, AMFT

We have all been there- one busy day can easily turn into a string of busy days that often get

blurred together with no clear start or finish. Whether unexpected or planned, a busy day is

exhausting. Here are 5 ways to interrupt the cycle by taking steps towards re-balancing and

grounding ourselves in the present.

1. Give Yourself A Break

It is important to allow yourself an opportunity to recover and reset from all that you are doing throughout the day. In between tasks, check in with your body- relax your muscles and tend to any tightness or soreness you notice.

2. Reprioritize Your Needs

Take a look at that to-do list waiting for you and re-evaluate what needs to be done. What things can be delegated to others or require more teamwork? Which items can wait until you are ready? Now is the time to bump up self-care on the list (you might need to add it on!) and prioritize to a manageable list.

3. Take Care of Yourself

Perhaps, it is time to make a change! The key is to prepare for the busy days now and have

some ideas ready when things get tough. What would you look forward to doing? Write down a short list of enjoyable activities or self-care practices to have ready on these busy days!

4. Disconnect and Reset

In the day of remote learning and working virtually, it is important to create distance between work/school and time spent at home. This could be a quick walk around the block before switching to at-home tasks and routines. It may be beneficial to take a technology-break for the day and spend time re-connecting with loved ones.

5. Be Kind To Yourself

It is impossible to operate at full-speed all of the time. Write positive or motivational thoughts on a sticky note for easy viewing throughout the day. Give yourself the grace to set boundaries, change plans, and focus on your well-being.

These practices can be a way to make a change toward a more healthy lifestyle, but we know that sometimes our anxiety and depression runs deeper than simply stress. If you or a loved one could use more support in healing or coping, please contact us today to schedule a therapy appointment!

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