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Learn a New Stress Relief Tactic!

When it comes to stress, most everyone is very aware of the damage it can cause to both our physical and mental health. There are many tools and techniques that can help us handle our stress in healthier ways. A lesser known tool is called Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping. This is a very simple skill that can be learned, even by children.

Tapping focuses on the meridian points or energy hot spots on a person's body and by tapping on those energy hot spots Chinese medicine believes it can restore balance. During high stress or anxious moments, you can simply tap certain spots on your body to regulate and calm your physical responses to the situation. This approach is similar to acupuncture, but don’t worry- no needles involved with this! All you need to have are your hands, this can be used anywhere, anytime you are struggling with anxiety and stress.

To begin, you will hone in on one issue or thought that is causing you distress. By labeling this emotion or experience you are separating it from who you are - which will hopefully allow you to lessen its hold on you. You will rate the stress on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most stressful. Rating the issue slows down your thoughts, and hopefully your breathing, by checking in with yourself. It is also beneficial to rate post tapping so you know that you were able to calm down.

Then it’s time to compose a “set up” statement which acknowledges your discomfort and then is followed by a self acceptance phrase. For example: Even though I am fearful and anxious I accept my feelings”

Even though I am scared about my first day of school, I will do my best and I fully accept myself.

Now the tapping can begin. You start by tapping the side of your hand with the other hand's pointer and middle finger while simultaneously stating your set up statement. You do this 3 times on each meridian point. Below are all the spots in order as you complete the EFT.

side of hand, sometimes referred to as “karate chop”

top of head


side of the eye

under the eye

under the nose


beginning of the collarbone

under the arm

The finale is when you re-rate the intensity of your issue. Did your stress levels decrease while you were completing the tapping experience?

Don’t get discouraged if you struggle to complete the steps. It is something you will need to practice, especially before any intense stress comes along!

If you struggle with anxiety and are interested in learning more about tapping and other strategies for managing stress, reach out to Graceful Therapy to set up an appointment!

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