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Communication With Your Family During the Holidays

by Laura Dickman, BSW Intern

Why can communication with family members during the holidays become challenging?

  • Communication challenges are often rooted in feelings of insecurities and fear of the unknown

  • Individuals are often at a higher state of stress during the holidays

  • Individuals are facing financial burdens during the holidays

  • Individuals are facing family or relational conflict during the holidays or the conflict is being worsened due to the holidays

  • Individuals are stressed about creating a “perfect” holiday for themselves and/ or the family

An example of a conflict that may occur in several households during the time of the holidays while having company over is “obeying the rules of the house”. This issue may become challenging for the parents and children involved as both parties struggle to fully communicate what is internally being felt. For example, according to the website ‘Liberal Arts Texas A & M University’ and their December 2019 blog post titled Avoiding “Home Alone”: How To Talk With Family Over The Holidays:

  • Parents may be struggling with concerns about children being respectful.