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Brainspotting: Unwinding Emotions Through Eye Positioning

by Skylar DeBruyn, BSW Intern

Have you ever noticed that when thinking of something painful or joyful, individuals tend to bring their eyes to a specific location? Have you noticed this in yourself?

That specific location is often related to an individual’s brainspot and how they process emotions.

What is a brainspot?

A brainspot is the eye position/s that give more connection to certain emotions or physical feelings. Brainspots may not be fixed and can change depending on how an individual is sorting through their emotions. For me, I tend to look down when I am upset and up to the left when I am anxious or annoyed. I even notice a change in my body if I, say, look down when I am not feeling sad. That change causes me to feel a bit of that emotion, even if I was perfectly fine.

How Does a Brainspotting Session Work?

“Brainspotting is a powerful therapy that helps both your brain and body heal from unprocessed feelings, trauma, and negative experiences. It helps you recognize your strengths and resources while beginning to process what your brain and body are ready to work through in a very different way than talk therapy. I have seen very beautiful and powerful growth in many of my clients who have allowed me to go along on their brainspotting journey.”

-Beatriz Jaramillo, LCSW, PMH-C<