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Blue Christmas: Grief During the Holiday Season

by Laura Dickman, BSW Intern

Holidays are a time of joy and cheer spent with those you love. However, for families that have lost loved ones it is also a time of year of remembrance and overwhelming feelings even. One important note made by professionals about grieving during the holidays is that there is not a “right way” to grieve or feel those feelings you may have.

It is important to remember this as we transition into the holiday season because there is a lot of idealism around forming the perfect Christmas memories. However, there is actually no pressure to do this and the only person making you feel you need a perfect holiday may be only you. Holidays come every year and we will each have countless holidays in our lifetimes. It is okay to take a break or a pause from holidays for a year if you feel it is too much for you to take on when considering your well-being.

According to the website “Love to Know”, there are several tips for getting through the holidays while grieving:

Hold memories of service

  • Singing a few special holiday songs

  • Light a candle in memory of a loved one

  • Hold a moment of silence

  • Hold a religious gathering in memory of a loved one

Create New Family Traditions