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Trusting your teen with new relationships

By Owen Sawyer, MA Intern

Adolescence can be a confusing time for your teen as they are figuring out who they are as an individual. This process can be difficult for them and also for you as the parent. Trust is critical during this stage; trusting your adolescent to make the right decisions, but also the adolescent trusting you as the parent to give appropriate autonomy to them as they are growing more independent. There are many concerns presented during this stage including you as the parent wanting to support your teen in making friends, the concern around the friends they are making, and wanting them to have enough friends in life (Reachout, 2022).

There are important areas to highlight when helping your child create positive and healthy relationships in life. These are a few ways to foster openness and trust with your teen.

  • Talk about the value of honesty in relationships

  • Help ensure they can feel like themselves and be relaxed in the process

  • Tell them the truth and listen to theirs with no judgment

  • Let them experience the process of making friends with little to no pressure, not blaming them, which will help decrease anxiety.

  • Highlight good qualities in their peers