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Andre Joachim, LCPC

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Works with adolescent & adult individuals, couples, and families

Dre says, "starting therapy can feel like a road trip; You found yourself here, and that was the hardest part. You've been driving, and you've had your eyes on the road. As your therapist, I am the passenger who keeps asking if you are seeing the sights.  Maybe you've been in a hurry,  maybe you have not had time to go back and check out the important spots. You may be missing something with your eyes focused on the road ahead.  Perhaps you've been looking in the rear view mirror too much.  On the therapeutic road trip, we are not in a rush. I may ask you if you saw a certain site or monument. We might detour and take a closer look at whatever sights are interesting. It is my job to be observant, to provide a road map, and to help you navigate what are the best stops for this journey. If you are ready, let's take a drive and explore whatever brought you to this moment."